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Storytellers. Filmmakers.

Everyone has a story.


Stowed away behind the hits and misses of every human, every company, every brand, and every idea — lays an intricate manuscript.


At iFilm Sri Lanka, we love creating a story worth telling. 


Authentic. Premium. Creative. Native. Content.

That’s where we come in ...


We are a full-service video agency passionate about taking projects from start to finish, or plugging into any aspect of production as needed, for clients of all sizes. No formulas. No boxes. No rules. Creating a film work that is unique every time.


We’ve have found ourselves in every market you can think of: tourism, fashion, sports entertainment, food and beverage, real estate, corporate commercials, events, media and more; creating a reputation that is synonymous for delivering enchanting storytelling to our clientele.


From creative development to production + post-production and animation, iFilm’s in-house team and capabilities control the entire production from start to finish, and as a result, delivers complete control, flexibility and value towards the highest standards of quality to our clients.


We’re on board to give your idea the same nurturing attention you’ve given it from its inception.


You’ve got a story to tell. The world is waiting to watch it ... and we’re hungry to capture it.


What’s your story?

It was a pleasure working with you and the team and we look forward to continuing to build a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship . . .

Dileep Mudadeniya

Vice President

John Keells Holdings

It's been a great pleasure working with you and your crew and it's probably the best that I've ever done . . .

Kumar Sangakkara


Crystal Sands

Jason and his team were very professional throughout the process, and adapted to our requirements very well while maintaining a great sense of creativity . . .

Chamindra Goonewardene

Director of Sales & Marketing

Resplendent Ceylon

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